Skunk Removal in Shreveport and Bossier City

Skunk Removal

It is very important to hire a professional to trap and perform skunk removal services. Rob has many years of experience in successfully trapping skunks and removing skunks from properties in a safe, humane, and odor-and-nausea-free manner. Attempting to trap and remove a skunk yourself can be dangerous, as skunks are known carriers of rabies. Trapping a skunk in an open cage like the one pictured to the right can put both you and the skunk in a dangerous and stinky position.

Once a skunk trap has been placed, a skunk will usually be trapped overnight if the skunk is living on your property, or it can take several days if the skunk is taking up residence at a neighbor’s. While most of the time there will be just one skunk found on your property, there are some cases where a family of skunks have taken up residence and multiple skunk removals will need to be performed.

Why Is There A Skunk On My Property

Skunks prefer to nest underneath building structures that are dark and hard to access. Skunks are attracted to warm places to dig and create a den and are often found in holes near heating units, under stairs, decks, or porches. Lumber, junk cars, and sheds are other potential homes that may attract a skunk to take up residence on your property. In the Louisiana region, skunks are often attracted to properties that have dog or cat food sitting outside, and less commonly human food improperly disposed of. If you have a rodent problem, the rodents will quickly attract skunks as well.

Skunks hunt and eat insects as their primary food source, but they will scavenge for anything that looks, smells, or resembles food.  Skunks get bored of the same food easily and often look for different types of food. It is important to identify where the skunk is entering and leaving your property, as well as what attracted the skunk to your property to begin with. By removing the food attracting the skunk to your property, you can help ensure future skunks will not be so tempted to take up residence on your property. Rob can help with a variety of exclusion services to dissuade skunks.

If you suspect striped skunks are living on your property, our approach to control typically includes:

1) an investigation to confirm presence and find points of entry;

2) setting specialized skunk live traps at entry points;

3) capturing of resident skunks;

4) monitoring entry points to ensure that skunks are no longer living there;

5) repairing/excluding entry points to both look good and permanently keep skunks out when practical.

Similar steps are used to locate and remove dead skunks.  Various odor solutions are included as necessary.  We also remove skunks from window wells and can provide on-the-spot captures of sick or injured skunks.

At Wildlife Abatement our humane approach to controlling and dealing with animal wildlife and proven methods to exclude wildlife makes us one the best choices for your home or business. Our main purpose is to identify and close off points of entry to prevent animal wildlife from getting in and causing damage. Understanding how animals have adapted to urban areas and employing humane techniques to protect the animals as well as the home or business owners is something we incorporate into our work work ethics.

If you need help with a Shreveport Bossier City skunk problem, call us at (318)553-3006 for an investigation and prices. We’d be happy to help.