Skunk Exclusion and Prevention

Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is very true when it comes to skunk Exclusion. This process can be performed after skunk removal. Skunk Exclusion is the best way to prevent skunks from making a den site under your porch, outbuilding, deck or house.
Seal up skunk entries around the perimeter of the structure needing to excluded this will include decks, outbuildings, crawl space vents and in some instances your imagination will take care of the problem.

Once the skunk, or multiple skunks, have been removed from your Shreveport  property, it is important to prevent skunks from taking up residence on your property in the future. Skunks are excellent diggers and much stronger than you would imagine from such a small creature. Quick and dirty do-it-yourself fixes include placing large rocks weighing more than 20 pounds at entrances to crawlspaces and holes under fences around the property. Depending on the size and location of the hole, you may also consider pouring concrete.

Skunk ExclusionRob takes a more professional and clean looking approach. He is experienced in quickly identifying entry and exit points for skunks and closing up the hole. Skunk exclusion involves covering all openings with wire Dig Defence. Digging barriers by Dig Defence provides peace of mind that your pets are contained humanely and safely.

Preventing Denning

Exclusion techniques should be used proactively to prevent denning before an animal moves in.

A suspected skunk den should first be checked to determine if it has a current resident.

This may be done by loosely filling the hole or holes with soil, leaves, straw, crumpled paper, or similar material. If a skunk is present, the animal will easily push his way out overnight and reopen the hole. If the plug remains undisturbed for two or three nights and it is not winter, when the skunk may be inactive for long periods, it is safe to assume that the hole is unoccupied and skunk exclusion can be performed with Dig Defence digging barriers.

The Real Long Term Solution to Skunk Problems

We offer long term solutions to prevent reentry after the skunk control program is complete.

Our skunk proof barrier by Dig Defence will ensure that all of your skunk problems are solved for good. Guaranteed!

We will only use the highest quality and long lasting materials available to our industry when installing a critter barrier around the full perimeter of a deck, porch, or foundation.

This will ensure that all other critters, such as woodchuck, raccoon, opossum, cats, rabbits and most importantly all other skunks from entering again.

Trap and Remove Skunks Now!

If you currently have skunks on your property or need exclusion work performed, Rob will trap and humanely remove all skunks from your property and go over methods of exclusion relevant to your property. Give us a call today (318)553-3006