Dead Skunk Removal Service

Dead SkunkDead Skunk removal is not a favorite job of mine, but it is a part of the job. In Louisiana, skunks end up dead for a number of reasons. Some are really strange, and I will give you a few scenarios. Sometimes you don’t even know skunks are living under your home until its dead and decaying. A dead skunk will sure let you know its there!

A skunk starts locating a female in January or February in the Shreveport or Bossier City area of Louisiana. The males will be locked in mutual combat until one runs away, or is killed by the stronger skunk. From time to time, the wounds become infected, and the superficial wound becomes a mortal one. If the skunk starts to feel week, it will instinctively go to a place it knows to be safe from elements, and predators, probably under your house or deck! Skunks get hit by cars all the time, and die days later. A wounded skunk can walk for miles sometimes before the damage catches up with his vital organs. A skunk is an omnivore, which means it will eat just about anything at all. Rat poison kills rats, but it will also kill a skunk if it decides to eat it. Don’t wait Skunks are breeding and soon will be having babies all over Los Angeles! If you have a Skunk that is living under your house or is possibly dead we will remove it!

Have You Found a Dead Skunk

Finding a dead skunk in your yard can be an alarming, and smelly, experience. When this happens, it is important to contact a professional to discard the dead skunk as soon as possible, before other animals become attracted to its scent and arrive in your yard in search of food. Proper handling of the dead skunk is crucial in keeping yourself safe and healthy

There are times when people will trap the animal themselves, but then realize the problem has literally multiplied when they discover the offspring that was left behind, or find dead skunks rotting under the porch . As a professional, Wildlife Abatement knows how to get rid of skunks entirely.

Wildlife Abatement provides affordable Dead Skunk and Dead Animal Removal in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas of Louisiana seven days a week! Call us today and get price quote! (318)553-3006