North Louisiana Skunk Removal Services

If you are looking for a professional skunk removal service you came to the right place.

Skunk RemovalWe are a Shreveport Louisiana professional, insured, and licensed by Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife Skunk Removal Company. We are NOT an exterminator or pest control company that will spray repellents. We provide skunk removal and relocation services and take pride in not killing wildlife, unless when euthanizing because of injury or disease that may harm other wildlife and people.

Skunks are one of the easiest nuisance animals to identify because of there white strips down there back. Also most people identify skunks with pungent odor they can release when scared or startled. With more Shreveport and Bossier City neighborhood developments moving into previously rural forest areas more wildlife conflicts are created. Skunks commonly will come in contact with pets, more so dogs that are interested in the skunks. This can result in the pet being sprayed and the odor being smelled for a good distance around. When you see a skunk the best thing to do is slowing move away and if with a pet secure the pet and try and avoid letting the animal contact the skunk.

Best known for its strong smell, the skunk is often looked upon as a rather unpleasant animal. Skunks are omnivores, meaning that they can eat almost anything to survive. Food sources for skunks in our area of Louisiana are plentiful, but with the rapid development of the Shreveport Bossier City area the skunks’ habitat is becoming scarce. For this reason skunks have adapted to the suburban environment and typically live under decks, sheds and additions. When left alone they won’t cause much of a problem, but when threatened by another animal or during the skunk’s mating season they will spray their strong musk and cause an enormous problem for the homeowner. This is when we usually get the call. (318)553-3006

Wildlife Abatement also provides skunk odor removal services to completely deodorize areas that skunks have sprayed

Common Louisiana Skunk Problems

  • Skunks digging under my deck
  • Skunk smell or odor in my house
  • Skunks living under a shed
  • Skunks digging holes in  my yard
  • Skunks getting into  my garden
  • Skunk spraying dog or cat
  • Skunk in a crawlspace
  • Skunks odor under  or in my house